Refill Cartridge – Sleep (feelCBD)


Inhale all natural relaxation – exhale rest and comfort. With essential spearmint, chamomile and eucalyptus oil; to help sooth sore muscles, promote relaxation and alleviate anxiety. This soothing blend of CBD and essential oils is just what you need to experience a deep night’s sleep.

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Draw in all natural relaxation – exhale rest and ease. With essential chamomile, spearmint, and eucalyptus oil; to help relieve sore muscles, increase relaxation and reduce anxiety. This soothing mix of CBD and essential oils is what you want to experience a deep night sleep.


Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, fractionated coconut oil, wild orange essential oil, lime essential oil, and bergamot essential oil.


Please make sure you have a 510-threading battery to be used. If you are new to vapes, first purchase a Sleep Vaporizer Kit to receive a charger and battery. Still compatible with any 510-threading device, our cartridges are designed to be used with our low temperature adjusted batteries for more efficient use. If using any other battery, please ensure device is adjusted to its lowest temperature possible. Attach cartridge to charged battery, then gently inhale for 2 full seconds and exhale.

Suggested Use

2 to 3 inhales up to twice a day to start. Adjust as you want. Longer inhales produce warmer vapour. For this reason, we suggest 2 to 3 seconds maximum per inhale. As everyone is unique, the suggested dose is a starting point. Once comfortable  with the device, you can explore to find the right dose for you.

What’s Included

510-threading vaporizer cartridge.




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