Find yourself calm, centered and your pains relieved, both mentally and physically. Ideal for unwinding after work, dealing with stubborn inflammation and pain, or simply cuddling in for a movie; our Indica products are made just for you

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  • Animal Face Mail MaryAnimal Face Mail Mary

    Animal Face AAAA

  • sunday driver strain mail marySundae Driver Mail Mary strain

    Sundae Driver AAAA

  • island pink destroyer mail maryisland pink mail mary

    Island Pink

  • Pink Kush mail mary

    Pink Kush

  • mail mary bubba kushbubba kush bud

    Bubba Kush

  • dual og 5 mail marydual og 5 mail mary

    Dual OG #5 AAAA

    $12.00 $11.00
  • Nanitro mail mary strainNanitro mail mary strain

    Nanitro AAAA

    $12.00 $11.00
  • lava cake mail marylava cake strain weed

    Lava Cake AAAA

    $12.00 $11.00
  • Super Sherbet - Mail Marysuper sherbet mail mary

    Super Sherbet

    $12.00 $11.00