Appealing to the posh, cannabis companies are tailoring their products to clientele who once turned their noses at the thought of marijuana. Gone are the days of judging marijuana users as jobless, dingy and seedy individuals. Today, due to trusted studies, well known public advocates, medicinal benefits and other forms of use are prevalent; the negative stigma around cannabis has diminished.

Now, not only for rebellious teens and youngin’s; generations all across the board are diving in to experience the health benefits and craze of cannabis. Yes, that means seniors, middle aged mamas and hardworkin’ papas alike. The National Survey of Drug Use and Health found that in 2017 the number of people over age 26 occasionally using marijuana had grown by a whopping 3.2 million in only three years.

A crafty approach to upscale and middle-aged tastes is exactly what cannabis companies are fulfilling. The discreteness that some products offer such as vape pens, tinctures, salves, edibles and so much more is great for everyday use and can accommodate to many different lifestyles. We particularly like products such as the Heisenberg strain for a flower product and the Natural Peanut Butter cup for a delicious edible.

Weed dinners are popping up in legalized states. These suppers are beautifully crafted cannabis infused appetizers, entrees and desserts that are carefully composed by renowned chefs nation-wide. Bountiful fresh tomato soup, savory Thai red curry and canna-banana sorbet are just some of the exquisite palate pleasing lavish creations.

As with any other popular craze, there is a yuppie line to accommodate. With looks and tastes as if these products were bound for a fancy boutique or upscale market, there is quite the following to purchase.

Dispensaries have opened up shops that look like elite, swanky hotel bars and others have deemed themselves as the: “Barneys of weed.” There is even a brick and mortar set to open on the oh-so-famous Fifth Avenue in New York.

Celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg is marketing her own line catering to PMS sufferers. It’s equipped with bath products such as soaks and balms that are laced with cannabis to sooth and relax the aching body and nourish the skin. Our Green Lion Salve is a perfect example of these luxury topicals.

Men and women alike who were so against or had a preconceived thought of cannabis users are now enjoying anxiety reducing, anti-inflammatory, and pain management properties without the negative stigma themselves. The cannabis industry is welcoming newcomers and appealing to new and crafty ways to reap all of the medicinal benefits.

Posh or not, this herb has certainly made itself a star.