Will CBD show up in Drug Tests?

Pre-employment drug tests aren’t top of anyone’s “Fun List.” Some companies require intermittent drug screenings. Challenging or certifying the test results are typically a never winning strategy making it important to know when filling the cup if your CBD (Cannabidiol) oil may skew the results. 

We’ve all heard of poppy seeds creating a false positive in drug tests, right? Well, now you can add CBD oil onto that list. This is because drug screening tests are looking for the component known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is a specific psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis and traces of it can be present in CBD oil or products.

Not all CBD is created equal. Many companies have a different recipe of ingredients that compose the end product. Some CBD oils and strains contain slightly higher amounts of THC. 

CBD derived from a hemp plant (part of the cannabis family) or marijuana plant can also vary the levels of THC found in the specific product. Do note, that it is important to know the levels and ingredients into what you are ingesting or taking medicinally; especially if you are subject to drug screening tests. 


How and why can it create a false positive?

The chemical compound composition of CBD from the hemp plant can contain a THC level of approximately <.3% which is why it is still not federally legal as THC can be traced even though the user does not experience any psychoactive effects. 

For an individual to test positive and fail a drug test from CBD oil; they would have to use a significant amount in order for a false positive result. When we say large quantity, we mean above 1,000-2000mg per day. This is a ghastly amount of CBD; as a typical daily user would consume a range of 120 – 160mg per day.  

Our confidence serves us well in stating that the general use of CBD oil in the appropriate dosage amount will not have any effect in a failed drug test. 

Source: https://disa.com/blog/will-cbd-oil-result-in-a-positive-drug-test

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