CBD in Sports

As of January 1, 2018, professional athletes around the globe were cleared to utilize CBD and CBD-infused products. It’s the first time in competitive sports history that this ban has been lifted. THC, however is still a banned substance. 

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) lifted this ban in relation to hemp derived CBD rather than marijuana derived CBD. The hemp derived product contains little to no THC (<.3%), where marijuana derived CBD does have slightly higher percentages of THC which is why it is still restricted.

Professional sport leagues such as FIFA, NBA, NFL, MLB, etc. are all cleared to utilize CBD based products to aid in athletes’ recovery, pain management and inflammation containment.

Before this ban was lifted, players and athletes alike turned to prescription opioids for management. Many athletes are subjected to addiction and side effects due to the overuse in the sports industry. The pill pushers knowingly endangered players upon prescribing opioid medication to ease pain and inflammation as there was no other acceptable alternative for relief.

Marvin Washington, a Super Bowl champion is now an advocate for CBD usage for recovery and wellness. He states: “I played for the NFL for 11 years…The leagues are poisoning their players.” He went on to mention that all four major sports leagues in the US have an issue with opioid addiction among current and former players. 

Washington also goes on to say, “The future of professional sports lies in non-toxic, non-addictive substances like CBD.” We couldn’t agree more. The industry needs to incorporate a safe alternative to prescription drugs and CBD is that answer.

Nutrition supplements, protein powders, recovery drinks, vitamins and more are part of nearly every professional athletes’ wellness regime. Numerous cannabis companies have already rolled out products infused with CBD tailored to athletes, professionals and work-out junkies. This adds an entirely new and elevated layer of health each product encompasses. 

Investors and companies producing these golden green goddess products are really set to boom! Now that the “okay” has been given by WADA, these companies can and really will see an incredible revenue boost. Not only will they experience an increase in their products being purchased and sold; they are now able to sponsor athletes and incorporate household league names to market their products, ultimately elevating brand recognition and launch their stand in the nutrition market. 

It is predicted that US cannabinoid products will hit over $50 billion USD by 2020. From edibles, to tinctures, salves and sports drinks, these are just a few items that will take flight.

Even though it’s taken time though proven studies and research to bring CBD’s benefits to the “lime green” light, we couldn’t be happier that 2018 hit quite the mile stone for the professional sport industry. As time progresses, we look forward to see where else this could be headed. Keep your eyes on the ball because more home-runs could be coming this way!


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