Cannabis in Cosmetics: Cannabis Oil Vs. Hemp-Seed Oil

Indica vs Sativa same but different
Indica Vs. Sativa, Same But Different?
September 25, 2019
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Cannabis in Cosmetics: Cannabis Oil Vs. Hemp-Seed Oil

Cannabis in cosmetics

With cannabis becoming legalized throughout Canada, products offering all kinds of benefits from the new ‘it’ plant are popping up everywhere. Spheres beyond recreational and medicinal industries are also having their heyday, and the beauty industry is one them. The key shift is in perception: people are seeing marijuana as a wellness product rather than a taboo drug.

According to the Cannabis Act within Bill C-51, cosmetic products do not allow for the use of cannabis products. The definition of “cannabis” within these guidelines is broad and includes nearly all parts of the cannabis plant and derivatives (i.e. any oil extracted from cannabis). What this does not include is any cannabis plant or part of that plant grown with less than 0.3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels.

Difference of Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

Hemp, known as industrial hemp, is harvested for seeds, stalks, and flowers, and has been recognized as a cosmetic ingredient for years. Hemp seeds have an entirely different composition compared to the actual hemp leaves and flowers. Hemp oil is extracted from the seeds of Cannabis sativa and CBD oil is created from the flowers and leaves of the same plant. Hemp seed oil differs in compounds from the cannabis plant but does offer fatty acids and nutritional bio-active compounds.

Difference of hemp oil and CBD oil

Effects of Cannabis Oil On Beauty

CBD is now being included in cannabis-infused beauty products. It still needs to comply and can contain no more than 0.3% THC to remain exempt from the cannabis regulations of Cannabis Act (S.C. 2018, c. 16). As a result, the ingredient Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil is allowed to be included in the ingredient list of a Canadian cosmetic product. CBD oil will have a higher concentration of CBD and offers anti-inflammatory properties, along potential for anti-aging, antioxidants and even eyelash thickening.

Some studies on the effectiveness of hemp and cannabis oil for treating acne show that CBD may affect sebum production and clear or prevent acne breakouts. Like any new and exciting skin care product or supplement, it will depend on how your personal body system responds. But it’s worth a try, right?

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